Our Gym

Our main gym is fully equipped with a complete range of exercise equipment, cable machines, Smith machines, free weights, bands, kettle bells and more! 

With minimal wait times and a wide variety of options available to you, you will meet your fitness goals in a fun, dynamic and effective way.  Whatever your current fitness level, we have the equipment you need and a helpful and knowledgeable staff available at all times to answer any questions or to otherwise assist you. 



We have a complete collection of cardio and weight training equipment to offer you a well-rounded workout. Our line of equipment includes free weights, cable machines, treadmills,  ellipticals, smith machine, and more.


Complete Range of Free Weights

Our gym boasts a complete range of free weights to help you meet your fitness goals. We boast the heaviest free weight collection in Collingwood!



We have a wide open studio space that is often used for our group training classes. Members are also welcome to use the space and equipment in our studio.