What People Think Matters...

Marcia, February 2015

When I joined Mountain Fitness just over a year ago, I wouldn't even run for a bus.  As a self-described couch potato, one year away from her 50th birthday and with a huge family history of diabetes, it was time for a change.

I started with some passes.  A girlfriend and I tried out some of the classes. We laughed and fumbled through them and kept on going.  The instructors were always friendly and encouraging.  The whole atmosphere was very welcoming and not at all intimidating.  Gradually we caught on to the routines and started to get into it.  As the passes ran out, I kept waiting for the high pressure  sales pitch to sign up.  It never came.  I had to go to them and ask to join.  

Well, it was the best move I've ever made.  I turned 50 last week.  I feel great. I'm enjoying all the outdoor activities that Collingwood has to offer.  Can't believe what I've been missing but I'm sure having fun with it now.

The morning of my 50th birthday was spent in the gym, right where I wanted to be.  Tawnia, the manager, bless her heart, even threw me a surprise birthday party after the class.  Cake at the gym rocks!

I set a goal when I joined to be in better shape on my 50th birthday than I was on my 40th.  I made it and then some.  I danced all night at my 50th birthday party.  I never thought that possible.  I couldn't have done it without Tawnia and her staff.  They empower you to do more than you thought possible and still make it fun.  

Thank you Mountain Fitness.  I will be forever grateful for all your support. 


Gilles, May 2015

Refreshing.  This is the word that comes to mind each morning I step foot into Mountain Fitness, where I am greeted by a breath of fresh air named Tawnia.  "How are you doing this morning, Tawnia?", I ask.  "Living the dream" is her reply! 

It is rare these days to feel a positive energy when stepping foot into a business.  Tawnia is so upbeat, happy and capable. Her love of what she does is evident.  She wears many hats and they all fit her well!  It's an absolute pleasure to know her and to see her each morning.  

Mountain Fitness is extremely fortunate to have Tawnia at the helm of their business!